LEO: Josh, I was just coming to see you. You’re off the hook with both of us. We’ll go for it after the holidays.
JOSH: I don’t mind, people are working on it and I got Donna here with me. We got a whole night planned around it.
LEO: Yeah, I’m calling it off. I hooked Donna up with a news helicopter that’s going about 2 miles from the inn she’s going to.
JOSH: Donna left?
LEO: Yeah.  
LEO: Josh, was I insensitive before about telling you that Donna was gone?
JOSH: No… well, what do you mean?
LEO: I don’t know, I thought -
JOSH: It’s fine! Of course it’s fine, it’s great. I was feeling guilty but now - this - this is good. It’s better than good, this - this is the way it - it should
LEO: Pull it together, would you please?
JOSH: I’m trying.  

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    I’m watching this episode of The West Wing right now. Its one of my favorites. There is a lot of character advancements...
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    I don’t know how we ever guessed he was in love with Donna. I mean, look at his subtlety.
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